By Ericka Carr |

Fall is the best time of year. It has the best weather, the best clothes, the best food, and the best music vibe. The cool breeze and crunchy leaves provide the perfect background for literally any activity, so I built a fall playlist for the next time you’re sitting outside doing homework, taking a drive, or heading off on your next adventure. 

  1. Difference Maker- NEEDTOBREATHE

Last fall, I saw NEEDTOBREATHE play in Dallas, and this has been one of my favorite songs ever since. It’s powerful and tender at the same time making it a great song to prepare you for your next fall adventure. 

    2.  Darling- NEEDTOBREATHE

Darling is about coming home, about enjoying the people that mean the most to you. That’s exactly what listening to this song feels like. It feels like being someplace warm and cozy while appreciating what you have been given. 

    3.  Fruit Loops- Brendan Abernathy

I met Brendan when he played a house concert at my sister’s. His music is raw and reflects his genuinity and love for music. Fruit Loops is his only love song, and it’s my favorite. It’s calming, perfect for a casual drive or doing homework outside. 

    4.  3 Blocks Down The Road- Brendan Abernathy

Brendan’s newest song is his most beautiful yet. It’s about trusting that everything will work out and choosing to find joy in uncertainty; as college students, it’s something we can all relate to. The next time you’re stressed out and unsure life, play this song and let it remind you what peace feels like.

    5.  Landslide- Fleetwood Mac

My mom had a DVD of one of Fleetwood Mac’s tours. When I was little, she would play it while we cleaned the house, so I learned to love the band from an early age. Landslide has a soft melody that reminds you to appreciate a moment before it’s gone.

    6.  Sea of Love- Langhorne Slim, Jill Andrews

I don’t remember how I found this song. I think it was on one of those random playlists that Spotify recommended to me, but I really enjoyed it. It’s soft and sweet. I’m a sucker for a love song, and this one’s quiet melody matches the slow pace of fall.

    7.  River- Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges has a voice like none other. He combines indie music with a soulful voice to create his unique sound. A lot of his songs feature choirs in the background adding a soothing comfort to his classic sound. It’s a great song to play while you’re walking through the park or hiking a trail and admiring the changing leaves.

    8.  Miracle Love- Matt Corby

If you’re a fan of Leon Bridges, Matt Corby is the perfect artist for you. I’ve been obsessed since the first time I heard his music. Most of his songs end up on my Spring playlists, but this one is a little softer than his others, so it falls perfectly into that heavier chill vibes of fall. Really, I just needed an excuse to squeeze his music onto all of my playlists.

    9.  It Wasn’t Easy To Be Happy for You- The Lumineers

The Lumineers’ newly released album is a masterpiece! The songs are beautiful, and the upbeat tempo and simple lyrics in this one makes it easy to learn and a great song to blast in the car. It’s my favorite song on the record, and probably my favorite in this playlist.

    10.  Hold My Girl- George Ezra

George Ezra is one of my favorite artists. His music captures moments in life, the in-between before everything changes. Fall reminds me of cherishing moments with the people I love, just like this song is about holding onto the last moments you have with someone. It’s great for remembering what people mean to you.