By Alexis Whiteford |

I was embracing my extra week of spring break by taking a nap when my entire semester changed. I woke up to my phone blowing up because Baylor University had just made the decision to go online for the rest of the semester. It wasn’t long before my parents called and I was on a flight back to California with my belongings in tow.

Airports are normally crowded with people minding their own business and bumping into each other, but this Thursday, it was quite the opposite. When I was dropped off at the terminal, there were only a few people waiting for cars. With Lyft and Uber not giving rides, people awkwardly greeted the friend or family member they had asked to pick them up. It would normally be a touching scene of people being reunited, but this time, there were socially distanced hugs and hand sanitizer right after contact. 

Inside the airport, there were people scattered around at a comfortable distance away from each other; even the slightest movement towards anyone triggered them to jump away. Unfortunately, this led them to get close to another person and then they’d jump again. Inside the terminal was similar to a game of leapfrog except there was no contact and you had to jump with luggage. 

The nicest part about walking through the airport was that I was able to see the latest fashion. I’ve never been a follower of the latest trends, but my guess is that it won’t be too long until the fashion magazines publish tips on which face mask is best for you. In my opinion, white seems a popular color but if you really wanted a pop to your wardrobe, I would recommend the light blue. 

Once I made it past security, I made it to my gate in walkways so empty the Baylor Line could have run through the airport without disturbing anyone. As I got closer, I started to see more people hiding in the shadows or backed into the corner.

Whenever someone made even the slightest noise, people would stare. God forbid somebody coughed. If anyone did happen to cough, bystanders would move an additional 10 feet the opposite direction. Looks of horror would appear on people’s faces like they just witnessed something truly disturbing and mothers rushed for the hand sanitizer to disinfect their children. 

While Coronavirus changed many parts of flying, my relationship with American Airlines remained constant. I often fly with American Airlines and we have a sweet tradition where they like to delay my flight several times while I debate the dangers of hitchhiking. In a world of uncertainties, I know I can always rely on American Airlines to cause a setback. This time they were kind enough to delay me four hours. Luckily, I still made it home and was happy to see my family and give them a warm welcome with an elbow or foot tap. 

Since I traveled, I will be in a two week self-isolation. This means that I can’t hug my family, but, thankfully, I can still cuddle with my dog.  Because California has a shelter in place order, I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping, reading, eating, and binge watching TV. Now that school has started, I sleep less, read textbooks and watch lectures. 

While my trip had a lot of humorous moments, I do not suggest traveling right now. These are uncertain times and we all need to band together and do our part. Please stay inside as much as possible and if you go to the store, please leave toilet paper for other people. My friend recently shared a Bible verse with me and it is a reminder to trust and have hope in God. If anyone is having any fears or concerns, I suggest reading Romans 15:13 which says “may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” 

Although I have schoolwork to do, I still have a lot of downtime. If you have any movie suggestions please let me know because I’m starting a movie list. I’ve heard that The Shining is a story about a family being stuck in a house together and that sounds relevant to my situation.