By Megan Tullos |

As we say farewell to what has been an unusual semester to say the least, I’ve found myself feeling sad for the things that could have been. I’ve been missing the moments that usually make this time so sweet and having a hard time feeling joyful or accomplished. But, when I look back on this semester closely, I can’t help but be grateful for the things and people that have made it special in spite of extremely difficult circumstances. Though I still wish that things had gone differently, I want to take a moment to share the things I’ve been especially grateful for this semester 

Friends who stay in touch

Zoom calls and Netflix watch parties with some of my favorite people have truly been my joy in recent weeks. There’s nothing like catching up with friends, and it means a lot during this time when people in my life reach out to connect with me. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that it still feels like no time has passed when we talk, even if we haven’t been physically together in months. 

Professors who are understanding

Adjusting to online class has been a struggle for me and I think most of the Baylor community feels the same way. I’ve taken online classes before, but never this many at once and with the heaviness of the world around us, there are some days when it just feels overwhelming to log on. Despite the drastic changes they too have faced, many of my professors have gone above and beyond their roles of educating me by sending out inspiration and Bible verses and checking in with students, serving as true examples of the Baylor difference in my life. 

The mundane moments

When I find myself feeling down, I try to remember that before spring break this semester was filled with so many great moments. Things like coffee runs with friends, SING! performances and walks on our beautiful campus, just to name a few! While I’m sad that my time at Baylor will be shorter than I had hoped, I am so thankful to attend a school that packed so many wonderful memories into that short time. 

I think that it is okay for us to feel sad, to mourn the memories we could have made as long as we remain thankful for what we have. In the midst of some of the most trying times we’ve seen, there is still so much to be thankful for. I can’t wait for the day we can all be back on campus, but for now, I’m feeling very lucky to be part of the Baylor community.