Bridget Sjoberg | Editor-in-Chief  

Bridget is a sophomore journalism major from Orange County, California.

When she’s not editing for the Bundle, you can find her writing for the Baylor Lariat, planning events for Union Board, or attending events for her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.

Bridget has a passion for the beach, coffee, hot yoga, reading, corgis, and taking day trips to Austin or Dallas. After graduation, she hopes to attend grad school, move to Los Angeles, and become an entertainment or travel writer.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”- Ferris Bueller

Anna Tabet | Chief of Business 

Anna Tabet is a freshman journalism/PR major from Austin, Texas. Prior to settling in Austin, she lived in Vermont, which somehow provided her with a weird combination of southern and northern mannerisms.

During her free time, Anna would most likely be looking for a dog to pet or annoying her roommate by singing (badly) loudly. After using writing as her own outlet for years, Anna hopes that she can now use it to allow others to have their voices heard. She is excited to see what she will experience while at Baylor and far beyond.

“I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” -Voltaire

Christina Muñoz | Digital Communications Specialist

Christina Muñoz is a senior advertising major with an emphasis in business. Originally from New Jersey, she now happily calls Waco home.

With a passion for staying active, you can find her training for a half marathon or playing soccer with friends outside of class. In addition to her time spent with The Bundle, Christina serves as the website administrator for her sorority, Kappa Chi Alpha, plays the piano and practices Spanish.

Although she’s unsure whether she will end up in Texas or go back to New Jersey after her time as a Baylor Bear, she hopes to one day use her advertising skills to serve nonprofit organizations.

Christina feels blessed to have this opportunity as a staff member and looks forward to using her skills at The Bundle.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13

Abby Granata | Graphic Designer 

Abby Granata is a freshman graphic design major with a minor in advertising from the Jersey shore (but she can assure you—it’s nothing like the show).

With a lifelong love for design and an odd obsession with typography, she’s thrilled to be sharing her passion and enthusiasm with the staff of The Bundle. When Abby isn’t feverishly photoshopping, you can find her studying art history, participating in Kappa Alpha Theta events, or putting up with her roommate’s renditions of show tunes (that Abby eventually can’t help but sing along to).

“It’s through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.” – Paula Scher

Clarissa Pompa | Staff Writer

Clarissa Pompa is a senior journalism major with a concentration in photography and is from Helotes, Texas. Her origin story consists of being raised on comics that featured Lois Lane, Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen, and Peter Parker. Combine that with family members who have all pursued photography at some point, you have the perfect formula for a budding Peter Parker. With fewer webs and hopefully less Parker luck.

However, as she progresses through college, she finds herself torn between her origin and her new passion: theatre (which leaves her father baffled). Odds are that if she has her headphones in, she’s listening to a carefully cultivated playlist of musicals that require incredible self-restraint to not sing along to. As of right now, the main question in her life is how to work for Playbill or DC.

“Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light.” Madeleine L’Engle

DJ Ramirez | Staff Writer 

DJ Ramirez is a sophomore journalism: new media major from Houston, TX who moved to Waco from southern Louisiana where her family now resides. She has a passion for story telling in every way that it takes shape whether it’s  writing, film, books, music, art, or theatre.

She’s also incredibly obsessed with baseball and hopes to one day be a play-by-play broadcaster for Major League Baseball either on TV or radio.

She is currently on staff with the Baylor Lariat as a sports writer and is incredibly grateful for the opportunities that being a journalism student at Baylor has given her.

“A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings.” – Earl Wilson

Cassidy Campbell | Staff Writer  

Cassidy Campbell is a sophomore Public Relations major with an emphasis in marketing. She was raised in Denver but secretly thinks she should have been raised in Texas.

She loves exploring new places with her family and friends. She loves to spend time in the mountains hiking or camping with her family, or driving around and singing with her friends.

She has found so much passion in writing and would love to eventually be a published author or be a Public Relations Specialist after she graduates in 2 years. Although she loves her sweet home in Colorado, she would love to spend a few years in Austin after she graduates and explore the state of Texas for a while before returning home. Helping run Public Relations for her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, she loves to show the fun and goofy side of herself. She cannot wait to see what her future holds as she continues her journey in journalism!

“When joy is a habit, love is a reflex.” –Bob Goff

Whitney Hunter | Staff Writer

Whitney Hunter is a senior Public Relations major with a French Minor from Moorpark, California.

If there is a personality test, Whitney has taken it. She strongly identifies as an ENFP and an enneagram 7 with an 8 wing. She loves all things food, music, hockey, musical theatre, and cats. However, she ironically dislikes the musical Cats.

You can find her hanging out with friends or more likely hear her distinct voice chatting loudly with everyone she meets. If she’s not in Waco, she’s probably in Dallas or Austin singing along (off-key, but enthusiastically) at concerts. She has found a creative outlet in design and has used this passion to serve as t-shirt chair for her sorority, Alpha Chi Omega.

She is still trying to lock down her post-graduate plans, but she hopes to move to the Dallas area to pursue a career at a digital media firm or in the entertainment industry. She hopes to move back to California when she has a bit more money saved up and a lot more patience for that lovely Los Angeles traffic.

“Life itself is the proper binge.” –Julia Child

Elyse Delano | Staff Writer

Elyse Delano is a freshman journalism major with an emphasis in public relations. Elyse considers herself an East Coast girl, though she’s been a Navy brat all her life and has lived pretty much everywhere in the U.S. When she’s not writing, Elyse loves binging the latest Netflix show or overanalyzing Marvel movies.

After graduation, Elyse plans to move back to Washington D.C., where she attended high school. She loves observing and writing about crises, and hopes to one day work in crisis management for a big company.

“She believed she could, so she did.”- R.S. Grey, Scoring Wilder

Ericka Carr | Staff Writer

Ericka Carr is a freshman Professional Writing and Rhetoric major from Maud, Texas that has a passion for serving the Lord and caring for others.

If you’re looking for Ericka, she can be found somewhere drinking coffee and listening to showtunes or indie-folk music. Ericka loves writing’s ability to evoke certain emotions in readers and writes stories to do just that. Writing allows her to give people a look into her heart and mind.

Although her post-grad plans aren’t certain, Ericka dreams of going to New York City to further her education and try her hand at freelance writing. Who knows, maybe one day she’ll write her own play!

“You’d be destroying what makes it special,’ she said. ‘It’s the Joshua tree’s struggle that gives it its beauty.’ ” -Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle

Jessika Harkay | Staff Writer

Jessika Harkay is a freshman journalism major and film minor. Coming from the Colorado Rocky Mountains to Texas, she’s excited for the warmth and making Whataburger part of her daily diet.

With a deep love for dogs and food, you can always find her at the nearest joint with French fries, or walking campus on the search for new puppies. Always laughing, you could also find her with her roommate cracking jokes in the back of the library.

Jessika also works as a sports writer for the Baylor Lariat and enjoys watching, and typically screaming, during Dallas Cowboys games.

After her time at Baylor, she hopes to travel and report in the Middle East, telling human-interest stories in developing countries. Her main goal through her journalism work is to be the voice of people who are often soft-spoken or overlooked.

“You miss a hundred percent of shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky – Michael Scott”