Harvey, An Uninvited House Guest
Photo credit: Catherine Cohen

Harvey, An Uninvited House Guest

It was the strangest feeling to realize my home was in the path of a hurricane I sat in my perfectly dry dorm room at 1 a.m. and saw a Snapchat update saying that people were being evacuated near the Barker and Addicks Reservoirs. This meant my family, and my […]

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I Did College Wrong

I walk into the classroom on the first day of college and pick a random desk to sit at. No one really knows each other so it’s awkwardly quiet until the teacher breaks the ice. “Let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves. Say where you’re from, what your major […]

Behind the Buns

Behind the Buns

It is safe to assume almost everyone has heard of the “Star Wars” franchise and might even know the names of the main characters. However, until last summer, I had never seen a “Star Wars” movie, nor did I  know the names of any characters, other than Darth Vader and […]

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Why Basketball Rules the Court

What do all sports have in common? Is it the loyal and adoring fans on the sidelines that wouldn’t dare miss a game? Or is it the players on the field or court that pour their sweat, pain and heart into the sport? Whether it is soccer, baseball or football, […]