What can you submit?

Our pieces are produced in a conversational, relatable style. We accept high-quality work across all multimedia forms–writing, photography and video.

Think you have a piece that would fit in The Bundle? We accept the following:

  • Personal columns
  • Q&As
  • Feature stories
  • Opinion pieces
  • Photo/video stories and series
  • Poetry
  • Video tutorials
  • Music videos
  • Lists and listicles

Submission Guidelines

  • Written pieces should be 300-800 words. 
  • Video submissions should be no longer than five minutes.
  • Each submission must include:
    • At least three suggestions for art (photos, graphics or video) to accompany the piece, but ideally photos and art will be provided with the submission.
    • A headshot and two to three sentence author bio.

Additional requirements:

  • Q&As must be at least 10 questions and must include a two-paragraph introduction.
    • Please send your questions to the editors for approval before conducting the interview. Editors will choose which questions get published.
  • Photos must be no larger than 72 dpi (dots per inch).
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube. Send the link to thebundlemagazine@gmail.com in order to submit for publication.

Please email all pitches, submissions or questions to thebundlemagazine@gmail.com.

You will be hearing from our editorial staff within one week of your submission. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Contribution Levels:

We value your contributions to The Bundle and have created the following contribution levels to denote various degrees of involvement with the magazine. Should your piece be chosen for publication, the appropriate level will be listed with your byline and updated when appropriate.

  • Guest Contributor
    • 1-4 submissions per semester
  • Contributor
    • at least five submissions per semester
  • Senior Contributor
    • at least 10 submissions per semester