Welcome to The Bundle.

We’re a student-run multimedia magazine supported by the department of journalism, public relations and new media at Baylor University.

The Bundle is more than an online magazine. It’s a conversation. A community. A voice.

It’s your voice.

Here at The Bundle, we do real. We do messy and imperfect and goofy. We do fun and deep and honest.

We do life.

The pieces we publish are not English course essays or news stories. They are real issues in real ways.

The Bundle began when a handful of eager journalism and public relations students realized that, while they had much to say and were relatively good at saying it, few outlets were willing to publish student work.

The Bundle is, as the name suggests, “bundled” content from across various platforms and sources. Most of our content is original, but we welcome work that has appeared elsewhere.

What we hope to create here is a space for people of our generation to interact and share their opinions, knowledge and talent. Our goal is to tap into these various passions and showcase the diversity that makes our generation great.

The Bundle quickly grew far beyond the Baylor campus. Why stop with one university when an entire generation is calling for a place to declare its voice? Today, The Bundle represents our generation as it truly is: passionate, diverse and connected.

We’re so glad you’ve joined us,

The Bundle Team
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